The Workshop is organised under two categories of presentation - “Dialogues” and “Panels”.

Dialogues: We will have four ‘dialogue’ sessions in which two participants whose work suggests 

a strong resonance with each other will each present their own work and also comment and 

engage with their colleague’s work. There will be no discussant for these sessions, but time will 

be allotted for an open audience discussion as well.

Panels: We will have four panels of three participants each. These panels also follow a principle 

of coherence around the participants overall interest areas. There will be a discussant for each 

panel. Each presentation will have 20 minutes each and there will be time allotted for the 

discussants comments as well as an open discussion.

As we hope that that the workshop will be an opportunity for researchers to establish links and 

relationships beyond the workshop to continue discussions on its theme, please also note the 

high tea to be held after the last session on the last day, so that presenters, chairs, discussants 

and attendees can interact more informally.